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PT. SUMCO INDONESIA is a Monocrystalline Silicon Polished Wafer manufacturer in Indonesia. The company is established in year 1997, as PT. MSIL INDONESIA, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Silicon Corporation, a Japanese major silicon wafer manufacturer, and changed its trade name to PT. SUMCO INDONESIA in year 2002 after the silicon wafer business of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Group and that of Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. Group merged to be Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corporation (SUMCO), which changed its trade name to SUMCO Corporation later in 2005.

PT. SUMCO INDONESIA is located in MM2100 Industrial Town, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi, Indonesia and as the first company in Indonesia that has Class 100 Cleanroom area for production. Management system certification for quality (ISO/TS16949), environment (ISO14001) and safety (SMK3) has been achieved since year 2003.